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Hi, I’m…

Jimmy Taylor—
Speaker & Coach

SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources)
SHRM-SCP (Society of Human Resource Professionals – Senior Certified Professional)

As business owners we often live our lives on the edge, immersed in the day to day operations and sometimes hindered by our own blind spots. Accelerating the growth of our enterprise is inseparably linked to accelerating our individual growth – and then extending that development into our organization as we develop an entrepreneurial team.


My passion…

 …is to partner with entrepreneurs and business leaders in a way that helps them reach the possible, not only in business but in all areas of their life.

When Jimmy brings a presentation to your group,

people connect with the authenticity of the message delivered not just based on his experience as a speaker, but through more than two decades of leading businesses and people. The audience hears and responds to the stories of change and success, built on a foundation of data designed for the group he is in front of. Mix in a down to earth approach, ideas that can be actioned immediately, and lots of laughs, and the result is attendee’s who engage and are encouraged.

He relates to the audiences where they are –

because he has likely been there. For the business owner, he knows the victories (built and sold three companies), and the defeats (a business failure that meant losing it all and starting over). For the human resource and talent acquisition leader, he has led recruiting teams and people change efforts for small companies all the way up to one with more than 15,000 employees. For the family business, he understands the challenges of leading the business well and still keeping the family together for Thanksgiving!


“Talent Games:
Hiring and Managing for Engagement”

We are in the “people era” where the right skills and people are increasingly scarce. To compound the challenge, in the average company only about one-third of the workforce is engaged. However, organizations outperform their competitors when they focus on engagement with new team members, not just filling an empty seat. We teach leaders to focus on how to make a difference as they select and lead people in their organization. Adopting a “people-centric” approach transforms companies and the people who work there! Join us as we talk about what works!

The Awesome Mantle of Leadership!

This presentation is customized leadership training for managers based on the organizational needs and level of existing management experience. Customized leadership training topics include:

  • Building a High Performing Recruiting Team
  • On-boarding for Engagement
  • Best Practices in Employee Engagement
  • Developing a “People Vision” That Drives High Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • The Five Behaviors of Engaged Teams

And more…

Ask us about customizing training for your leaders!

The “Take Flight” 
Entrepreneurial Flight®

The “Take Flight” Entrepreneurial Flight® workshop is about the journey of building a business and the new skills and behaviors needed at each entrepreneurial and business level!

Culture Change: Standing on the Starting Line We Are All Cowards!

This presentation gives organizations solid strategies to build a culture that will transform people and companies.

“All in the Family”

Leadership in a family business is a challenge. From succession planning for the next generation to hiring and managing practices that are fair and keep families in harmony, the leader in a family enterprise has more challenges than the average leader. With more than 80% of U.S. businesses family enterprises, and the majority of those owned by aging entrepreneurs looking to transition the company in the next 10 years, understanding strategies to keep both the business and the family healthy are crucial.


Seasoned Professional

As a serial entrepreneur, I have seen all sides of the business life cycle, from idea to execution and company sale. I have also had a few failures along the way. Having an avenue for growth, development, and counsel is key to improving execution, and execution is the ballgame in business. Sometimes growth comes through individual coaching, sometimes it is in a peer group setting. Either way, this structured support helps us accelerate our own success, and we, in turn, help others accelerate theirs. Nothing guarantees success, but we can do a lot to “put the odds in our favor”!

Transition Roadmap Developer (TRD)

The Transition Roadmap™ Developer is your custom designed document that acts as your map in guiding you and your advisors through your transition journey; getting you where you want to be, in the timeframe of your choice. It is developed for the purpose of coordinating the agreed upon objectives with the preferred course of action that you believe collectively provides you and your family with the best opportunity to achieve your ideal transition.

The Business Value Accelerator (BVA)

In The Business Value Accelerator process, we partner with entrepreneurs to help them lead their organization to achieve the results they desire. In this process we help the leadership team:

  • Align and focus on the critical drivers needed for the company’s success
  • Grow the revenue and value of their company
  • Develop their management teams

For more than 15 years our BVA model has been used to align and focus teams to achieve better business results, faster. This 12-month program is designed to help your company move up the Entrepreneurial Flight as we work together to develop both the enterprise and the individuals who lead it. This model combines analysis and planning with development and execution to enable teams to push through their previous limits and realize sustainable high performance!

The Pathfinder - Personal and Professional Development

The Pathfinder is a retreat-style workshop that integrates your life mission and who you are as a person with what you really want out of life.  You will walk away with a path to move forward designed as a six-year plan. As part of this plan, you will outline the critical steps necessary to achieve this six-year plan in 18-month increments, executing your plan with intelligence, heart, and, clarity.  This reflective retreat, held in a small group setting, will take into account your My Map of Me, which is an integrated blueprint that helps you understand your Motivated Role, Temperament, Impact Style, Work Values, Core Values, Abilities, and Interests. When you leave this three-day retreat you will have the clear plan necessary for a successfully intentional and integrated life!

truVIZ - Strategy and Visual Mapping

With truVIZ, we use Visual Strategy and Visual Mapping
in our projects to capture complex business concepts in easy-to-grasp visuals that create a business narrative revealing common goals, how things work and what needs to be done.

WHY? Because visuals make it easier for everyone to Understand, to Convey, and to Remember concepts. Science has proven it.

Employee Engagement

Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI)The Employee Attachment Inventory is a patented online assessment tool that helps managers understand how well their new employee is attaching to the organization, and make changes to improve their engagement levels before it is too late. It is a useful tool to enhance employee engagement and lower turnover.

Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI): The Employee Detachment Inventory is an online Exit Survey that measures the “push” and “pull” factors that lead to the employee’s decision to resign from the organization. The EDI gives an organizations leadership more objective and actionable data about the causes of employee turnover.

(Individual Multi-Construct Assessment Profile)
: A unique personality assessment that measures an individual’s intrinsic Motivation, Temperament, Influence, and Work Values.

High-Performance Teaming (HPT): A team workshop designed to lead teams to greater alignment and high performance through understanding individual and team strengths as well as natural points of conflict.

Coaching and Professional Development

Executive Search: We partner with clients to identify and hire C-level executives who are a fit for the organization and who can drive great results.

High-Performance Teaming (HPT): A team workshop designed to lead teams to greater alignment and high performance through understanding individual and team strengths as well as natural points of conflict.

Executive Coaching: Our coaching is designed to help leaders at all levels execute better today while they grow and prepare for their role tomorrow

The IMAP (Individual Multi-Construct Assessment Profile): A unique personality assessment that measures an individual’s intrinsic Motivation, Temperament, Influence, and Work Values.

“Thank you for your exceptional presentation to our Convene team. The team gave you very high scores, well deserved. The value of your content and the effective way in which you communicate make for a winning presentation and you are really making a difference! When you present, you are in your stadium.”

Bud Handwerk
President, Annamar Associates
Lancaster, PA

“Jimmy Taylor brings an impressive combination of experience, style, and genuineness to every presentation that he gives. I've listened to him cover a variety of HR and talent acquisition topics and each time I have walked away with practical advice along with useful tools that I can immediately put to use. If you're looking for someone to both educate and challenge your group, I highly recommend inviting him to speak to your company or organization."

Justin Dorsey, SPHR
Senior Human Resources Manager
Ben E. Keith Company
Fort Worth, TX

“Jimmy’s style is approachable and substantial. Don’t let his “aw shucks” demeanor fool you into thinking he isn’t an expert in his field. He is. Aside from knowing his subject well, he’s an excellent interviewer and discussion leader. Your audience will like Jimmy, more importantly they will want to learn more from him after he leaves the stage.”

Roger Hall, Ph.D.
Business Psychologist
Compass Consultation, Ltd.
Boise, ID

“I would love to partner with your organization and deliver a presentation or workshop designed to drive better employee engagement that transforms organizational results!”

- Jimmy Taylor



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